This Blog is for me to tell my story. Hopefully it will help someone out there, inspire someone, and comfort someone.  We are not alone, and I think it’s this truth that has been a source of support and strength for me.  Knowing that I am not alone – not dwelling and thinking to myself that I have it the worst.

In fact, I have said many times over that I know someone has or is suffering worse than I can imagine – if they are breathing, why shouldn’t I be? Living a life like I have doesn’t mean I have a free pass to stop trying.  It’s not an excuse to stop trying – it’s a reason to try harder!

I have always wanted to write a book, but find that task to daunting and emotional.  For some reason it scares me – and I am never one scared to talk, which you will soon learn about me.  Anyways, this is me – this is my story as I remember it.  It’s my truth.  I’m glad you are here on this journey with me.

I have always had dreams…but when I was a little girl they more consisted the desperate desire to belong to a family.   I used to try to imagine what it would be like to be around a “normal” family.  I would even ask my friends, or random kids I came across what it is like for them at home?  What kinds of things do you guys do there?  Do you get to eat dinner?  Breakfast?  Lunch?  Do they beat you?  Are you scared of going home?  These are some of the questions I would ask.  I would also find myself looking in people’s windows – watching them interact as I walk by.

I didn’t know exactly what was normal – I just knew mine wasn’t.  It couldn’t be.  Of course I had other dreams… I have always wanted to be a singer as long as I can remember.  My father even told me once that when I was four years old I came to him and told him that when I grew up I was going to Hollywood.  I was going to be a star.  I haven’t made it too Hollywood yet folks!  But, don’t worry I will some day.

Until then… thanks for being here!  I’m pretty new at the whole “blogging” world – so bare with me!

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