Stuck … again..

It’s like there is a constant battle going on in my heart and soul. In the beginning as an innocent child, it was dark. Fear, pain and loneliness filled so much of my life – but I was much braver then. I was truly resilient.

Every hurt that would be delivered – I was determined to survive. I was going to break the cycle – so the generations ahead of us would have a chance to step out of the heavy blanket of violence and emptiness that had plagued our lives for so long. Passed on from generation to generation .. leaving most of us too damaged for change.

Leaving behind a trail of sad, sick, unbelievable truths that no one wants to hear. Truths that can’t seem to go away. The truth is that even though I made a lot of choices that ultimately saved my life – kept me from the prisons my family so comfortably drifted in and out of.. leaving traces of us lost in the wind .. I’m in a different kind of prison instead.

I’m stuck…again.

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